Social Work

Vincent Mousseau is a registered social worker working with Lambda Health. They operate mainly through a trauma-informed, anti-racist and anti-oppressive lens that is rooted in sex positivity and harm reduction. They specialize in working with 2SLGBTQ+ folks, but their services are open to anyone who could benefit from their expertise. At the core of their work is a deep love and solidarity with their communities.

In order to ensure accessibility, Vincent offers a sliding scale for their social work services which can be found in the table below.

Solidarity Rate (currently unavailable)
(Full-time student or financial insecurity)
$50 per session
Sliding Scale
(Annual income of less than $50 000 with no insurance coverage)
Between $85 and $120 per session
Regular Rate
(Annual income of $50 000 or more, or person with insurance coverage)
$130 per session

Vincent has put a temporary pause on accepting new clients, and their waitlist is full.

Vincent is a registered social worker in Ontario and Québec, and is a social worker candidate in Nova Scotia.